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LN-4 hand ambassadors

What is an ambassador?

Ambassadors are dedicated individuals who help to find recipients for our prosthetic hands, connect us with global organizations and/or go fit hands on recipients around the globe.

Ways you can connect


Personal/ Group Ambassadors

You and your group pilot a hand fitting program from start to finish.

  • Find recipients around the globe (if you are and an ambassador you may ask us if we have contacts in a specific country you are visiting)
  • Use the LN-4 Ambassador Kit 
  • Fit hands on recipients
  • We do not provide any travel arrangements for ambassadors


Be the ambassador to your global organization that can help us in our mission. 

  • Partner with us to find recipients
  • Partner with us to provide ambassadors to help fit hands

Connector ambassadors

Connect us with a new organization. Help us by connecting us with organizations that can aid us in our efforts. 


Ambassador Form

Name *

How to fit a hand

How to grip items