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What is an ambassador?

Ambassadors are dedicated individuals who help to find recipients for our prosthetic hands, connect us with global organizations and/or go fit hands on recipients around the globe.


Already an ambassador?

Check out our Ambassador Kit information for all the documents you need and reach out to us to learn about more ways that you would like to connect. 

Types of LN-4 hand ambassadors


Personal/ Group Ambassadors

You and your group pilot a hand fitting program from start to finish.

  • Find recipients around the globe (if you are and an ambassador you may ask us if we have contacts in a specific country you are visiting)
  • Use the LN-4 Ambassador Kit 
  • Fit hands on recipients
  • We do not provide any travel arrangements for ambassadors


Be the ambassador to your global organization that can help us in our mission. 

  • Partner with us to find recipients
  • Partner with us to provide ambassadors to help fit hands

Connector ambassadors

Connect us with a new organization. Help us by connecting us with organizations that can aid us in our efforts. 


Become an Ambassador Form

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How to fit a hand

How to grip items